Insurance Management System


Insurance Management System is designed by AIS working closely with Insurance Companies. Insurance management system is mad on the original work flow of the insurance companies. It is not made by programmers only. Programmers and developers, worked in line with the insurance company staff to understand the work flows and systems of insurance companies. Insurance Management System is a comprehensive Policy Accounting System with the history, experience, and customer support. Insurance Management System is a policy management system for all type of insurance companies.

The system handles the following:-
1) Policy payments and receipts
2) Logging claims, and any variety of reporting.

Insurance Management System also offers:
1) A windows based software solution with many drop down selections and auto-filled fields for simplified user processing.
2) A system that can migrate to larger hardware platforms as suits a company’s needs.
3) A system that is flexibly priced based on the modules, lines of business used, and company size.
4) A system that be customized to fit specific company needs, a personal schedule on implementation and fit most hardware specifications that a company has.
5) A system that is fully customizable or ready-to-use with default settings.

The market of insurance companies is a rapidly changing one. Market conditions are rendered more difficult by stricter regulatory requirements. The low level of interest rates and guarantees for existing contracts in the life insurance segment are badly affecting many insurance companies. Similarly, external influences that are beyond control, such as natural disasters, are having a negative effect on insurance companies.
These are the way why insurance companies are looking for new ways to achieve more customer orientation and cost efficiency. Automation of the process is one such way.

Its aim is to respond rapidly and flexibly to changes and make sure the required service quality and profitability for greater competitiveness.

1) Your benefits from our software technologies
2) Secure competitive advantages for tomorrow.
3) Increase the productivity and profitability of your company.
4) Optimize your processes with our BPM & BRM.