Aviation Services Suite

Askari Information Systems has been providing computer software solutions and services to the aviation industry. We have been providing the industry with a full range of aviation software and sales statistics. Our aviation services suites made to meet all the ends of the business. The aviation services suite utilizes the latest in client/server database systems and can be implemented with most modern operating systems and cloud based environments. Our programs take advantage of the latest in information technologies to provide each user with a system that maximizes user efficiency and satisfaction. The Aviation Services Suites programs are fully interfaced to each other, increasing efficiency through integration.

Aviation Services Suite also provides:
1) Technical Expertise for airport
2) Air Traffic Control Systems Proms
3) Plans
4) Policies

Aviation Services Suite has the knowledge, skill, experience and resources to build an effective management core to support multiple organizations with common interests in key domains of transportation, security, research and weather. This means working with domain stakeholders and different organizations on behalf of client interests to meet collective business objectives. Assisting airports, airlines, business aviation, aviation manufacturers and others in meeting government regulatory requirements.

We have adapted one of the best approaches. The key points to these approaches are:
1) To identify the customer and their wants, needs and desires
2) Properly define requirements in terms of performance
3) Continually measure and react to minimize variability throughout the process of production cycle.