The Restaurant Management System provides a key list of features to its customers. Full hospitality management software covering the complete cycle of a F & B business from bill to bill.

==> POS
1) Quick service
2) Seated service
3) Delivery service

==> Catering Back Office
1) Stock
2) Inventory
3) Purchasing
4) Wholesale
5) CRM
6) Delivery dispatching
7) Bread selling tools
8) Pastry vendor selling tool
9) Recipe costing and production
10) Table reservation
11) Multi-chain franchise management
12) Accounting
13) Time & Attendance
14) Marketing tools

Scheduling according to forecasted labor has never been faster or easier; plus you can save more on labor costs.

Managing inventory levels on a daily or weekly basis can reduce food cost more by curbing waste and eliminating theft.

Reports like table turns, cost of sales by menu item, variance and more can increase profitability.

Enterprise management solutions assist multi-unit operators in monitoring performance, while fostering collaboration.